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VizSense pioneers martech-infused influencer strategies, blending cutting-edge AI with insightful human expertise to craft campaigns that don't just predict trends—they set them. Backed by unparalleled research, we guarantee that your brand's message lands with precision—right audience, right platform, right moment.

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Complete Campaign Management

Take it off your list. We handle the entire campaign lifecycle, allowing brands and marketers to focus on strategy. With our full-service approach, you can stay focused on the big picture while we manage all the details.

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Consumer Insights

At the outset of our client partnerships, we conduct thorough consumer insights research to shape campaign direction and provide valuable insights into our client's market position and competitors.

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Micro-Influencer Focus

We utilize micro-influencers because their engaged and loyal audiences often yield higher engagement rates and more authentic brand connections. This approach allows for targeted marketing that drives meaningful interactions.

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VizSense Platform


Our AI assesses brand sentiment, engagement, and conversion rates, generating detailed reports that allow our team to evaluate influencers' sponsored/organic content, audience demographics, and competitor collaborations to ensure alignment with client objectives. Clients can also access our dashboard to monitor KPIs, posting calendars, content galleries, and influencer content approval.

image showing a few capabilities of the vizsense dashboard like metrics, influencer approval, and content
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Campaign & Influencer Management

From daily influencer communication to managing contracting and procurement, handling draft collection and editing, obtaining content approvals, ensuring FTC compliance, and conducting engagement analysis – we've got it all covered!

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Consumer Insights Reports

Comprehensive Brand, Competitor, and Industry Research Insights Report, encompassing a thorough analysis into keywords, sentiment, key themes, recommended narratives, and influencer focus insights.

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Paid Amplification

We strategically allocate a percentage of the total campaign budget to implement a targeted amplification approach, leveraging our user-generated content (UGC) from influencers.

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Closed-Loop Reporting

Tracking the entire customer journey and linking sales data to our campaigns allows us to refine strategies and provides clients access to valuable analytics while ensuring each campaign drives maximum impact with measurable results.

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Public Relations

We integrate the diverse elements of our campaign into strategic PR and earned media initiatives by building awareness, enhancing credibility, and shaping narratives.

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Influencer Discovery & Vetting

Armed with proprietary AI, our team reviews influencers’ online presence and performance history to ensure authenticity and relevance with client objectives.

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Contract Rights Management

We handle content rights management, giving you the ability to "regram" across your social channels and use it for other marketing assets, enhancing the versatility of your broader marketing strategy.

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We utilize data on influencer and audience locations to deliver personalized content and advertisements, and enhance our reach through paid amplification to effectively target specific geographic areas.

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Experiential Marketing

From event conceptualization to planning and execution, we ensure events align with your vision and objectives, sparking conversations that resonate well beyond the event itself.

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Client Dashboard

Clients can access their personalized dashboard, which facilitates real-time monitoring of KPIs, posting calendars, content galleries, and content approval, allowing them to be as involved in the campaign as they desire.


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